Benefits Of Losing Weight by Kevin Angileri


Benefits Of Losing Weight

You could spend hours upon hours reading of the benefits of weight loss.  If you have been thinking of or have been told by your doctor, that you should lose a few pounds, now is the time to get started.  Today, we will list four benefits of weight loss.

  1.  Body Image.  Those of us who are a bit overweight struggle with body image almost everyday.  We are constantly having negative mirror sessions.  Weight loss is a good option for us.  Imagine the positive feeling, you would get everyday as you lose weight.   This will be a great motivation to lose and keep off unwanted weight.

2.  Self Confidence.  If you struggle with self confidence because of your body image, weight loss will be the best way to overcome your self confidence problem.   As you lose weight and become              stronger and more healthy, you confidence will grow.  There is no greater feeling.

3.  Strength and Health.  Along with weight loss, you will become stronger and healthier.    Weight traing and exercise will become easier and help you body grow stronger.  Loss of weight leads             to easier breathing and more stamina.  You will be able to participate in sports, that you have wanted to do.

4.  Increased Health.  As we age, we are plagued by many health issues: High Blood pressure, high cholestrol, diabetes are all triggered by weight gain.  Weight loss, Diet and exercise can improve your health, by decreasing your risk for these diseases.  Losing weight alone, can be a life saving experience.

Benefits of weight loss far outweigh the risks.  You have nothing to lose except a few pounds.  What you gain will be a more productive and healthy life.  Always consult your physician before               starting a weight loss program and an exercise routine.  A weight loss of only 10 pounds will make a difference, that you can see and feel.  It will motivate you to keep on losing and getting                 healthier and stronger.


by Kevin Angileri


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