Controlling Diabetes Naturally

How to control your diabetes naturally

Big Improvements Via Small Changes

If you are a diabetic, what is your goal?  If you ask a hundred people, you will get the same answer.  I want to live a long and healthy life.  Isn’t that what you are saying, right now?  Most of us,however, don’t know how to get started.  We go to our doctor appointments and take our meds.  That’s it.  We expect miracles, just by following those rules. Trust me, it is not enough.

If you really want a long and healthy life, you will have to do more.  Right now, you are on a computer somewhere on this small planet and you have all that is necessary.  You have information.  Now, you must turn that information into knowledge.  Today, right now, start learning everything you can about this debilitating disease.  Don’t wait till you are unable to make the changes necessary.  There are millions of pieces of info that can help you fight this disease.  Your doctor can only spend 15 or 20 minutes for your appointment.  It is up to you to find ways to fight diabetes. The answer isn’t just taking your daily meds.  Learn what to eat and drink and what pitfalls, you run into everyday, that make diabetes worse.

Controlling Diabetes Naturally

Here are few starting steps, you can do to start controlling diabetes.  They are simple and easy and won’t change your everyday living.  But, they will get you on the road to a healthier You.

Drink More Water:

Water will save your life.  Stop drinking sodas, even those that are sugar and caffeine free.  If you have a taste for orange juice, eat an orange.  Remember that the processed fruit drinks have none of the actual fruit in them.  They have added other chemicals and preservatives so they keep on the store shelf.  Eat the real the thing, and feel better.

Controlling Diabetes With Food – Change Your Eating Habits:

Let’s talk about eating….my favorite subject.  If you are like me, you are a fast food junkie.  I have eating them from the very first day they opened.  Oops. I have given my age away.  Well, what do we do about fast foods????  Starting today and for the next 30 days try this. Cut your visits to the fast food place from 4 or 5 to once a week.  Make a healthy sandwich and piece of fruit for lunch.  A fast food lunch will generally cost about $5.00 and your homemade lunch will cost under $2.00.  Wow, eat better and save money!!!  What a deal.

Controlling Diabetes With Exercise

: Let’s talk about exercise, my least favorite subject.  If you are like me, you despise exercising.  So, for the next 30 days, lets not exercise.  Sound good?  Here comes the “but”  For the next 30 days, take two 15 minute walks.  One in the afternoon after lunch and one in the evening, after dinner.  That’s it….no lifting weights or sit-ups.  Just walk.  I know, you are wanting to know how fast, should I walk.  It does not matter how fast, just get off your dead “b__t”.  I will tell you this.  After religiously walking, after 10 days, you will increase your speed. That is the great thing about making a concerted effort to do something.

This may all seem a bit trivial right now, but 30 days from now, you will see improvement in your health.  You are going to feel BETTER.  Isn’t that the reason, you are here?

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