Examples Of Good Carb Foods To Add To Your Diet

Example good carb foods

Have you been avoiding carbs like the bubonic plague? Well, guess what? You don’t have to. Various weight loss programs have been demonizing carbohydrates for years. Yet the truth is that not all carbs are bad for your dieting efforts. Want some examples of good carb foods to add to your diet? Check out the highlighted options below!

Fruits Full of Antioxidants

Vibrant fruits are full of vitamins and healthy antioxidants. So it’s a real shame to hear that some people actually go out of their way to avoid eating them—especially when there’s no real reason to justify doing so. Fruits eaten in its raw form won’t do you any harm. It’s only when you start juicing the fruits that you will encounter a great spike to your blood sugar level. Therefore, steer clear of over the counter fruit juices and smoothies. But feel free to treat yourself to some fresh fruit. They are the healthiest dessert options.

Green Leafy Vegetables

When it comes to vegetables, just about anything green is good for you. Spinach and kale are especially known for their nutritious properties. Therefore, don’t be afraid to eat your veggies! They’re part of a healthy diet for preventing diabetes. Remember, Greens are great, eat lots.

Fresh Veggies in all Colors

Forget about eating rainbow Skittles. If you really want to “taste the rainbow”, then you should sample different types of vegetables. The roughage found in veggies help to keep you full and regular. Hence, they should be a part of your healthy diet. Try this for a month.  Every week, try a different kind of vegetable.  One, you have never eaten before.  You may find a few new favorites.

Satiating Beans

Looking for the ultimate example of good carbs to add to your diet? Look no further than the dried beans aisle of your local supermarket. Beans are low glycemic. Therefore, they don’t affect your insulin level. Plus they are full of protein. They’ll keep you feeling satiated for hours after you have finished eating.  Besides, bean are so versatile, you can eat them with almost anything.

Fluffy Brown Rice

Beans are mighty good on their own, but they’re even better with a bowl of brown rice. Unlike white rice, brown rice is full of fiber. So there’s no reason for you to fear eating this filling carbohydrate. When you eat beans and brown rice together, they form the perfect protein.

Whole Grain Pasta

Being a healthy eater doesn’t mean you have to give up on eating spaghetti and other tasty pasta dishes. It only means you need to opt for the whole grain variety. And with the right sauce, whole grain pasta can be just as good as the not-so-healthy kind you might have grown up eating.  Pasta Primavera(pasta with slightly cooked fresh vegetables) is a wonderful and lo-cal dinner.

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