Hello I am Kevin Angileri and I am a Carbaholic

Kevin Angileri Muscle Milk

Kevin Angileri Says, I am a carbaholic.  Everyone always ask me, Kevin what do you eat for breakfast.  So here it is folks.  Yes, I could eat as much as you or even more to be honest.  Nothing like pancakes, with Syrup, and country fried steak.  Yes, I used to eat that.. Not anymore my friends.  This is what I have every day for breakfast.  Yes Muscle Milk for breakfast.  You need to get your metabolism going in the morning, and protein is a good way to get your engine going.  Remember this is only 100 Calories, and 20 grams of protein.  A good friend of mine who I truly admire reminds me Carbs are the Enemy.  He is so true by the way.  Now there are good carbs and bad carbs.  But by watching my carb intake, I am loosing weight.  What are your thoughts?  Email us and let us know.

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Kevin Angileri

Kevin is a Health Enthousiast. He writes articles about Diabetes, How To control it, How to live a healthier life style plus on other health and fitness topics.

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