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Kevin Angileri started this website to help fight against obesity, and diabeties.  Kevin himself, was a active individual, who enjoyed playing sports and working out.  Then when he got older, he got caught up in focusing on work, instead of health.  He started to put on weight in his 30’s, and in his 40’s ballooned up to 408 pounds.  Kevin decided to focus on portion control and working out.  With in 6 months, he lost 128 pounds which changed his life.  I have lived this battle, and will continue to fight this battle of weight loss.  I will offer suggestions all the time.  I would also challenge each and everyone of you to go to the doctor and get checked out my a doctor.  Before trying anything, you need to have your doctors approval first.  I hope everyone has a blessed day.

Kevin Angileri

The Shake Diet Plan by Kevin Angileri


The shake diet plan is a meal replacement system in which you substitute a protein shake for one or two meals per day in order to lose weight. A variety of commercial products are available. Although this type of diet can lead to weight loss, protein shakes are not a magical solution for weight issues, cautions Mayo Clinic nutritionist and licensed dietitian Katherine Zeratsky.


On a shake diet plan, you generally replace breakfast and lunch with a protein shake, and then eat a healthy 600-calorie dinner. The shake typically is a powdered formula fortified with vitamins and minerals as well as protein, to be mixed with skim milk. Most of these plans allow two or three 100-calorie snacks per day and recommend drinking six to eight glasses of water or low-calorie beverages, according to Weight Loss Resources.

Diet Plan

Because replacing meals with protein shakes tends to decrease daily calorie intake, this diet can lead to weight loss. Creating a full diet plan instead of simply replacing some meals with shakes can make the diet more successful, notes Health Services at Columbia. One diet shake company, for instance, provides a plan involving a shake for breakfast, a shake for lunch along with 200 calories of other foods, and a dinner with reasonable-sized portions of vegetables, lean protein and starch. Healthy snacks such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains and low-fat dairy products also are acceptable.

Additional Benefits

Meal replacement shakes are convenient and allow you to avoid planning food choices and counting calories for one or two meals each day. Some commercial products include information on healthy lifestyles, such as guidelines for changing eating habits and becoming more physically active, according to Weight Loss Resources.


Certain problems are associated with a shake diet plan. Many users of diet shakes report continuous hunger, according to the Colorado State University Extension. Flavors are limited and the diet can become boring. Relying on diet shakes for meals means missing nutritional benefits of whole foods. In addition, it’s easy to put weight back on after discontinuing the diet, because you don’t learn how to eat in a healthy way.


Meal replacements are effective for weight loss on a short-term basis, according to Weight Loss Resources. A health professional can guide the dieter toward new healthy eating habits rather than a return to the previous routine. Zeratsky reminds dieters that losing weight results from burning more calories than are consumed. Eat healthy foods, including lean protein, vegetables, fruits and whole grains, and be physically active every day, she suggests.


Kevin Angileri


Can Diabetes Be Cured

How to control your diabetes

If you have been asking yourself, can diabetes be cured? the answer is, Unfortunately there is no current cure for Diabetes but there are many things a diabetic can do to relieve their symptoms.  It is a matter of maintaining good blood sugar control.  So it follows, that diabetics need to get on a healthy diet plan.  They should consult with a dietician, who specializes in Diabetes management.

Have A Healthy Diet Plan To Control Diabetes:

Most doctors agree, that diabetes can be controlled by diet. More fresh fruit and vegetables are very important.  Changing your diet to a healthy diabetic diet plan, will change your life.  Make it your goal to get off diabetic medications, with your doctors permission.

Take An Action Before It Is Too Late

Most of us procrastinate….now is the time to act and participate in your health care.  Set a goal for yourself.  The next time you see your doctor and get weighed, ask if thirty pounds would make a difference in your condition.  If your next appointment is in ninety days, make your goal thirty pounds in ninety days.  I am sure the doctor will be very happy.  Trust me, you will be.  Do it now.  Do it for yourself.

Diabetics are susceptible to many other medical problems including:

Heart disease and stroke – two of the main causes of death to diabetics.

Kidney disease – Nephropathy –

Eye problems – Cataracts and Glaucoma

Nerve damage – Diabetic neuropathy

Poor blood flow to extremities – causing the possibility of amputation

This is all, pretty scary stuff, but it is not too late to prevent these issues.  The key is learning how to control the disease.  Do not wait until a serious problem arises.  Start now, to improve your own health.

First things first, check with your doctor and explain, that you want to take an active roll in your health.  Ask what three or four things, you should do right now. The doctor can suggest the right people to talk with.  It is not too late to have a healthier life and with a little hard work, you can stop taking some of those expensive meds.  Do it for your family, but most importantly, do it for yourself.

I hope this message has given you some encouragement.  Be strong and be healthy.  We appreciate your visits to and hope you stop back.  Tell a friend about us and contact us at the top of this site.

P. S.  Here are a couple of free tools, that may help.  On the web, download the “Bing Health and Fitness” application” and “Healthvault”.  They are free and really helpful in designing healthy meal planning.  Good luck and God bless

On My Way To Health Revival After 50 Years Of bad Carbs

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1964                                                50 years later                                                         2014


I went back to get on scale and I have lost another  pound (wearing exact clothes).  One pound loss.  I am OK with that.  Here is an interesting point.  My blood pressure has always been about 130/80.  Not really bad, but start of hypertension.  Blood pressure is 107/72 today.  I will let you know how I am doing.


This article was originally written on August 11, 2014.  I had all of the best intentions to start dieting and exercising.  Well that lasted about 1 week, and then I fell off the wagon, like so many of us do.  In fact, about 6 weeks ago, I had a follow up appt. with my doctor.  I jumped on that scale and boom, I had gained 3 more pounds.  Now, I was 258 pounds.

Still, I did not commit to going back to dieting and exercising. but I did start eating better and cutting my portions.  I did not write any plan down, just cut back and eliminated some bad foods.  About 5 days ago, I went to an Pharmacy clinic to get my annual flu shot(as you should) and I jumped on their scale.  Lo and behold, I had lost 18 pounds down to 240.  I could not believe my eyes.  I was thrilled.

So here is the deal.  If I could lose 18 pounds in 6 weeks, just by cutting my food portions, I am back on that wagon.  I know, there is no way to get to 180 by Jan 1st, 2015.  So, with some steady exercising and good eating, my new goal is this 205 by Jan 1st.  35 pounds in a little over 7 weeks. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas.

America has approx. 36% obese people.  I’m just another one of them.   The before picture, I was 180 pounds.  The after picture, I am 255 pounds.  Where did those 75 beautiful pounds come from?  They came from every fast=food restaurant you can think of.  Tacos, french fries, hamburgers, sugar filled soft drinks, and the list goes on and on.All that processed food with bad carbohydrates helped me get here.

Until recently, I have led a sedentary lifestyle, which means, I sat around and watched tv or the computer for hours and ate anything I wanted.  So many of us are addicted to the tv and our computers.  I knew, I had to make a change in my lifestyle.  Either that, or get ready for the “BIG ONE”.  I have started going to the gym and walking the treadmill. Starting off easy.  Two miles per hour for 20 minutes, which knocks off about 100 calories.  I will increasing time and speed as I progress.  Within the next two months, I hope to be walking at 3 mph for 60 minutes.

I calculated that to maintain my 255 pounds, I would have to eat between 2250 to 2450 calories each day.  Well, that is pretty easy to do.  Let’s figure it out.  Breakfast of 2 fried eggs, 4 strips of bacon, hash brown potatoes and coffee w/3 spoonfuls of sugar.  Lunch could be a double cheeseburger, large order of fries and a chocolate malt.  Dinner, ah dinner, one of my favorites.  Three slices of a 14 inch, deep dish, double meat supreme pizza and a couple of diet cokes.  There, I have succeeded in maintaining my grandiose figure.   Sound familiar?  That is all about to change.

Since my goal is 180 pounds, I have calculated that I would need to eat 2141 calories per day.  At that rate, it would take me another 50 years to get to 180.  To reach my goal in 8 months, I need to eat approx 1500 calories per day.  Here is my planned diet consisting of 1500 calories per day.  Low fat content(20-25 %), 75 grams of protein and approx 250 grams of unprocessed carbohydrates.  Unprocessed carbohydrates are raw or cooked fresh fruits and vegetables.   In fact, fresh frozen fruits and vegetables are great because they are picked and frozen when perfectly ripe.

I have been on this diet for 7 days and have averaged 1517 calories.  I have not weighed myself, but 3 pairs of pants that hadn’t fit, do fit now.

Come back and visit CarbaholicAnonymous to see my progress.  Try it for yourself.  Let’s get back in shape together.  Contact CarbaholicsAnonymous with any questions you may have.  Hey, don’t forget to press the “Subscribe” button.  See you next month.

How To Stop Childhood Obesity – Elmo Health Tips

Stop child obesity

Elmo sent in this little video, because he wants to join in the fight to stop childhood obesity.  He wants all little boys and girls to lead happy and healthy lives.

This video is our way of motivating you to help your children and grandchildren to eat better foods.  Show them a better way to eat and be stronger.  Our children are our legacy.  Let us make them as healthy as we possibly can.

Changing their eating habits will not be an easy chore.  Like most of us, they have become addicted to fast, unhealthy foods.  As moms and dads and grandparents, we can make great changes in the eating lifestyle.  Lets give them a chance at a better life.

There is a new movement going on in this country and around the world.  Join that movement.  Teach them the right things to eat and drink.  They will love you for it,

And thanks to you, Elmo, for being our spokesperson.


1. Stay hydrated.  Drink lots of water.  Eight to ten 12oz. glasses for adults and eight to ten 10 oz glasses for children.  Remember sodas and coffee don’t count, just plain water.  Try drinking a glass of water before and during dinner.  If plain water gets a bit boring, try adding a slice of fruit for taste.  Lemon, orange, strawberry, cucumber or even a slice of peach will liven up the taste.

By 2050 Percentage of Americans With Diabetes Will Be 33%

I just finished watching “FED UP” the movie produced by Katie Couric and it was a real awakening.  There is not enough room on this page or even this website to tell you all that is in this movie.  It is a must-see movie for everyone, especially those with children.  Even if your children are in their 30’s or 40’s, ask them to watch it.  The statistic above is scary but I believe to be true.  By 2050 percentage of americans with diabetes will be 33%.  If you are not worried about yourself, protect your children and grandchildren.

I believe, there are 3 main messages in this movie.

1.  It is not our or our children’s fault being obese.

2.  The food industries have seduced us and our children

3   Government, because of giant Lobbies, has not stopped this huge epidemic.

It’s not their fault!!!!.  Our children have been brain-washed from almost birth to eat bad foods.  We, as parents, are also responsible.  We believed almost everything we read and saw in the media.  We gave our children everything they(food industry) said was good for our kids.  They deceived us from the beginning.  It is always easy to blame someone else.  We, the parents and grandparents are also at fault.  We took the easy route.  Instead of cooking good, wholesome food, we let someone else do the work.  It probably all started with TV dinners, to help out the tired working mothers in the 50’s.  Then came the fast food restaurants and we loved them.  Burger, fries and a soft drink under a buck, wow.  They hooked us.

Now that we have them hooked, how do we maximize our profits.  Well, what is cheap and tastes really good?  Sugar!!!  That’s it, we add sugar to everything, and the kids will love it.  then, they hard sold it to us and our kids.  They used all kinds of tricks, clowns and cartoon characters and tigers, sports figures who said this stuff is good for you and your kids.  They lied, they all lied.  Before this time, diabetes was unheard of in children under 12.  By the time you read this, there will be over 70,000 pre-teens with Diabetes.

People ask, why hasn’t the government stepped in to stop this epidemic?  I am not a political wizard, but I do know that our  Congress is dependent on Big Business Lobbies.  Lobbies use all their power to stop any legislation, that will lessen their strength in Washington.  Lobbies are meant to keep Congress in tow.

I wish there was more, I could write.  Quite frankly, I could not even come close to showing all the problems.  But I can tell you this.  There is a solution and it begins with you and me and everyone else.  We, as the caretakers of our children and grandchildren, must learn how do stop this epidemic.  Read.  Study.  Then teach it to you kids.  Help them avoid the terrible consequences of Eating all this sugar-laden food.  Don’t allow your kid to become a statistic.

In conclusion, take the time to watch “FED UP”.  You will be glad you did.