Nick’s Favorite Soup & A Good Low Carb Soup Recipe

Bean soup recipe

Bean Soup – A Good Low Carb Soup Recipe

I have been making this soup for about 15 years.  I love it and I think, you might love it too.  Two important things about this soup.  It is very nutritious and filling.  You can eat it as a normal soup for dinner or make it your main course. A measuring cup and a half will stop overeating.  It is that filling.  As a main course, a nice side salad and you have a complete dinner.


1 pound of Sprouts 10 bean soup mix.  A mixture of Kidney, white, navy, pinto, split pea and various lentils.

1 Quart low salt Vegetable Broth

2 Quarts of water

Any kind of vegetables you like to fill the pot

1 level teaspoon of Curry powder

1 level teaspoon of Tumeric

2 Tablespoons of Italian dry seasoning (Oregano, Marjoram, Thyme, Rosemary and Sage)

Salt and pepper to taste.  The less salt, the better.

2 or 3 shakes of your favorite hot sauce (optional)\

Brown Rice (cooked separately)

Important:  Wash the beans well.

Put all ingredients except the rice and cook for at least one hour or more.  The longer it simmers, the better it gets.

As a soup course. 1 1/2 cups of soup and 1/2 cup of brown rice

As a main course 3 cups of soup and 3/4 cup of rice.

This soup is high in protein and carbohydrates, and no fat.  These are good carbs and the combination of beans and brown rice make a complete protein.

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The Quest for Wellness

Dealing with diabetes

Welcome back to CarbaholicsAnonymous.  We appreciate your loyalty to this site.

Whether you are here about weight loss or Diabetes, we try to keep you up on the latest information, to help you gain Wellness.

The Dictionary Definition Of Wellness:

The dictionary has 2 definitions for “Wellness”.

1. the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort.

2. an approach to healthcare that emphasizes preventing illness and prolonging life, as opposed to emphasizing treating diseases.

Our goal is to aid you in achieving both definitions of Wellness, in an easy format.  Not a lot of medical jargon.  So, lets start with definition 1.

The key words, in definition 1 , are “deliberate effort”.  Read and learn as much as you can about any ailment, you may have.  Knowledge is Power.  The more you know about your ailment, the easier, it will become, to overcome it.  Most ailments can be overcome and cured.  It gets confusing at times, at times.  For instance, if you are on a quest for weight loss. there are hundreds, if not, thousands of weight loss diets.  Which one to choose?  If you are very overweight (50 pounds or more), first consult your doctor.  Because he or she knows your particular situation, and can direct you to a particular diet or even send you to a certified dietician.

Definition 2.  Yours and everyone’s goal is preventing illness and prolonging our lives.  It is exciting to see healthy people in their 90”s.  This is achievable to all of us.  It just take a little work and perseverance.  It is not magic.  The keys are being careful of what we eat and getting off our duffs and a bit of exercise.  It is a matter of developing new and better habits.  Many years ago, a friend said to me, there are 2 kinds of people in this world.  “Those, who live that eat to live and those, who live to eat”.  I was the latter.  Now, I try to “eat to live”.  Think hard about that.  Which are you?  Make the change, it is the most important thing, you can do.  Let your doctor treat your ailment, and give him all the help you can, by doing your part.

Here is the most difficult part of all of this.  Procrastination.  We have been living our lives so long, it is difficult and we say “Ok, I will start next week or Jan.1 of next year”.  Don’t procrastinate one more day.  Today is a great day to begin your quest for wellness.  Maybe, if you are strong and change some bad eating habits, by Jan 1, you will see some wonderful results.  It does not take a long time to get results.  I was going to say “Good luck”, but it is not a matter of luck.  Instead, “Good wellness”.

Obesity: Big Cause Of Hot Flashes & How Fat Loss Can Help

causes of hot flashes

Women have to face various challenges in life. There are certain health related issues that are experienced by most women nowadays and that is “hot flashes/flushes”. It is a sudden feeling of heat that creates an uneasy feeling and the face turns red and you sweat a lot. It is related to changes in the circulation. Women experience these changes especially after menopause or premature menopause when the blood vessels that lie under the skin’s surface dilate to cool. Sometimes heartbeats increase during this time.

When does it occur

Since hot flashes may occur any time irrespective of place or situation, it becomes quite a problem for most women who work outdoors especially. Work is hampered and the uneasy feelings and sweating too are not quite manageable when you amidst a lot of people.

Obesity: A Main Cause Of Hot Flashe

Doctors are of the opinion that women who are bulky and overweight and are suffering from obesity can reduce hot flashes effectively after menopause by reducing weight. You must take it upon yourself to get rid of all your extra fats and lose weight considerably in order to reduce the occurrence of frequent hot flashes.

Why you should reduce weight

You might ask that even those who are slim, experience hot flashes after menopause, then why is it necessary to reduce weight to deal with it? Actually it has been proved that the extra fat that is stored in the body of obese women, produce extra estrogen and that makes it more difficult to tackle menopausal hot flashes for heavy women. The number of hot flashes experienced by such women is more than lean or fit women who are conscious about their weight.

Gynecologists have made various researches and practical experiments to prove that behavioral weight loss can positively manage menopausal hot flashes. As it is women do not like to carry the extra bulges especially the waste and this fact has induced then to lose weight all the more. Now they have more than one reason to become slimmer and fitter.

What the experiments have proved

It has been particularly observed that overweight and obese women have more frequent and more severe hot flash symptoms after menopaue. They have a more difficult time managing the menopausal transition as compared to women who maintain a steady weight in tune to the prescribed weight chart. In an experiment, random women were selected who were overweight and over the age of 45 years. Some were made to do the required workouts that would enable them to reduce their body weight. The other group of women of the same age and weight were allowed to enjoy themselves eating whatever they wanted to without doing any of the exercises. The result was simply amazing. All women who readily agreed to follow the fitness regime to reduce weight and the other necessary changes in the food habits and life style, were ecstatic with joy and confidence.

They were feeling so refreshed and were successful in controlling the frequency of the menopausal hot flashes. They recorded nearly 4 to 5 fewer hot flashes in a day than those who did not reduce weight. The more they controlled their weight, the lesser became the frequency of hot flashes.

To confirm the fact that weight loss is really useful to reduce menopausal hot flashes, researchers used other physiological monitoring, questionnaires and diaries and the investigators studied the details of all women who had nearly four to five hot flashes a day. They were all in the later stages of per menopause when they do not have the periods for more than 3 months or more and also those in the post-menopausal stage. On talking to these women, researchers found that they all agreed on the fact that they were all relieved to a great extent from the hot flashes after they shed their weights. Weight-loss is really a great motivator to reduce symptoms of hot flashes and if it can be done before the problems begin, may be you would not have to go through the maladies and disturbances of hot flashes.

Staying in shape and at the same time healthy is the word of the day. Most women today are health conscious and try to adhere to a diet routine and also fitness regime. What you will eat depends largely on your choice of foods and since everyone today is aware of the effects of over-eating or compulsive eating it is naturally expected that you will steer clear of it.  Extra weight is never a good thing to enjoy for anyone in this world. It is the root of all troubles starting from high blood pressure; diabetes and cardiac arrests etc extra fat in the body has been responsible for all the diseases.

So why not stay slim and attractive and enjoy life to the maximum with healthy bodies during adolescence, curved features during youth and a peaceful life after menopause in the late 40’s, 50’s and beyond.

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