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Addiction To Cigarettes

Hello everyone, I am glad you came back to our site.  For some reason, I woke up at 3:45 this morning.  I decided to sit down and write a few words.  Addictions came to mind, so I would like to tell you about mine.  I have many small ones, but the most devastating to me are smoking.  Maybe, it will strike a note with some of you.  So, lets talk about my addiction to cigarettes.

I have COPD or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.  Sounds kind of scary and, it is.  It is a combination of two illnesses.  Chronic Bronchitis and Emphysema.  There are many ways to get it, but primarily, you get it from smoking cigarettes.  I got it from over 50 years of smoking cigarettes.  I think, often, of the cost of my addiction to smoking.  When I first started, cigarettes were on 25 cents a pack.  Now, I pay as much as $7.00 or more, for something that will probably end my life.  I tried to calculate the amount of money, I have spent on this deadly habit, but I cannot.  Probably enough to have quite a large bank account, if I had saved all those dollars.

Of course, the biggest problem, is my inability to stop.  I have tried and tried and failed over and over again.  The longest period of time, I have been off cigs In all these years is 120 days.  And all it took, was one more to get me hooked again.  The very worst part is that I know, is that the next cigarette is going to hurt.  While I am smoking, it hurts.  I guess, that is why, they call it an addiction.  The good news is that I have only 6 cigarettes left in this pack.  I have smoked 3, while writing this.

If you are also addicted, please find a way to quit.  Go on the internet and find a “quit smoking” site.  They are a great help.  They will even send you some medication.  They will send you 1 of 3 type.  Patches, gum or lozenges and they are free.  They assign a coach, to call and help you through the first 60 days.  It is free, so take advantage of their services.  I took the lozenges and they worked for me.  They tasted awful for the first 4 days, but you sorta get used to them and they start tasting good.  That is the time I was off for 120 days.

So today, October 3rd, 2014, I will once again attempt to kick this disgusting addiction to cigarettes habit.  I know, that if I succeed, I can lengthen my life by years.  Wish me luck and I will give you an update on November 1. If you need to talk to someone, just go to the “contact us” button, on the menu.  Jot me a line, and I would gladly give you a call.  (U S A only please)    Good luck.

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