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On My Way To Health Revival After 50 Years Of bad Carbs

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1964                                                50 years later                                                         2014


I went back to get on scale and I have lost another  pound (wearing exact clothes).  One pound loss.  I am OK with that.  Here is an interesting point.  My blood pressure has always been about 130/80.  Not really bad, but start of hypertension.  Blood pressure is 107/72 today.  I will let you know how I am doing.


This article was originally written on August 11, 2014.  I had all of the best intentions to start dieting and exercising.  Well that lasted about 1 week, and then I fell off the wagon, like so many of us do.  In fact, about 6 weeks ago, I had a follow up appt. with my doctor.  I jumped on that scale and boom, I had gained 3 more pounds.  Now, I was 258 pounds.

Still, I did not commit to going back to dieting and exercising. but I did start eating better and cutting my portions.  I did not write any plan down, just cut back and eliminated some bad foods.  About 5 days ago, I went to an Pharmacy clinic to get my annual flu shot(as you should) and I jumped on their scale.  Lo and behold, I had lost 18 pounds down to 240.  I could not believe my eyes.  I was thrilled.

So here is the deal.  If I could lose 18 pounds in 6 weeks, just by cutting my food portions, I am back on that wagon.  I know, there is no way to get to 180 by Jan 1st, 2015.  So, with some steady exercising and good eating, my new goal is this 205 by Jan 1st.  35 pounds in a little over 7 weeks. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas.

America has approx. 36% obese people.  I’m just another one of them.   The before picture, I was 180 pounds.  The after picture, I am 255 pounds.  Where did those 75 beautiful pounds come from?  They came from every fast=food restaurant you can think of.  Tacos, french fries, hamburgers, sugar filled soft drinks, and the list goes on and on.All that processed food with bad carbohydrates helped me get here.

Until recently, I have led a sedentary lifestyle, which means, I sat around and watched tv or the computer for hours and ate anything I wanted.  So many of us are addicted to the tv and our computers.  I knew, I had to make a change in my lifestyle.  Either that, or get ready for the “BIG ONE”.  I have started going to the gym and walking the treadmill. Starting off easy.  Two miles per hour for 20 minutes, which knocks off about 100 calories.  I will increasing time and speed as I progress.  Within the next two months, I hope to be walking at 3 mph for 60 minutes.

I calculated that to maintain my 255 pounds, I would have to eat between 2250 to 2450 calories each day.  Well, that is pretty easy to do.  Let’s figure it out.  Breakfast of 2 fried eggs, 4 strips of bacon, hash brown potatoes and coffee w/3 spoonfuls of sugar.  Lunch could be a double cheeseburger, large order of fries and a chocolate malt.  Dinner, ah dinner, one of my favorites.  Three slices of a 14 inch, deep dish, double meat supreme pizza and a couple of diet cokes.  There, I have succeeded in maintaining my grandiose figure.   Sound familiar?  That is all about to change.

Since my goal is 180 pounds, I have calculated that I would need to eat 2141 calories per day.  At that rate, it would take me another 50 years to get to 180.  To reach my goal in 8 months, I need to eat approx 1500 calories per day.  Here is my planned diet consisting of 1500 calories per day.  Low fat content(20-25 %), 75 grams of protein and approx 250 grams of unprocessed carbohydrates.  Unprocessed carbohydrates are raw or cooked fresh fruits and vegetables.   In fact, fresh frozen fruits and vegetables are great because they are picked and frozen when perfectly ripe.

I have been on this diet for 7 days and have averaged 1517 calories.  I have not weighed myself, but 3 pairs of pants that hadn’t fit, do fit now.

Come back and visit CarbaholicAnonymous to see my progress.  Try it for yourself.  Let’s get back in shape together.  Contact CarbaholicsAnonymous with any questions you may have.  Hey, don’t forget to press the “Subscribe” button.  See you next month.

We are all Carbaholics

why we need carbohydrates

We are all Carbaholic.

A balanced diet consists of all the essential elements that are absolutely important to stay healthy. Like proteins and vitamins, carbohydrates are the macronutrients that should be included in your daily diet without a second thought. Carbohydrates are the primary energy-givers. Although proteins and fats supply energy to the body they are helpful in the long run.

Why we need carbohydrates?

The body uses carbohydrates as its immediate source of energy and so taking carbs is not banned for any reasons. In other words the body is carbaholic and that is because carbohydrates are faster to break down and easier to use that supply maximum energy to maintain an active lifestyle. There are two types of carbohydrates namely the simple and the complex. The simple ones are used up very fast and therefore the complex carbohydrates are considered to be more efficient. The complex carbs break down at a lower pace and hence supplies a more constant supply of energy to the bloodstream.

Bodies require a specific amount of calories to function properly and help the body to fight diseases. About 50% to 60% of the calories are to be derived from the carbs that you take. Fats that are unhealthy fill up deficiency of carbohydrates when your body is lacking in the right sources of energy nutrients. Hence it is very important to know about the best suppliers of carbohydrates that should fill up your daily diet.

Sources of carbohydrates

The best sources of carbohydrates that are considered as good carbs are whole grains, whole-wheat breads, brown rice, whole-wheat pasta, beans, lentils, dried peas, cereals that have 100% brans, different kinds of fruits and vegetables. But it is necessary to count your carbohydrate calories. When you have baked potatoes or white rice, lower the intake of other carbs to maintain the balance. Excess carbohydrates especially the complex carbs that are not required by the body are stored as fat and that leads to overweight.

Why do you need only good carbs?

Carbohydrates are available in a variety of foods like whole grains, vegetables, fruits and also in sodas, candies and those that have added sugars. Now you must know which are the good carbs that are really good for your health. According to nutritionists good carbs are unprocessed and are in their natural states. They have more fibers and complex carbs that gradually break down into glucose for better absorption by the blood.

If you want to stay slim, increase your energy level naturally and enjoy a healthy life for many years you have to choose the good carbs that are not altered by machine or man like the greens and fibers.