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What is Diabetes?

What is diabetes

Diabetes has become one of the most common diseases that have raised an alarm all over the world next to obesity. It is a problem related to sugar level of the blood. It can strike anyone at anytime. Doctors often refer to Diabetes as Diabetes Mellitus.

Diabetes has been described by doctors as a group of metabolic diseases in which the person has high blood glucose or blood sugar. It is one of the life-long health conditions that affect total health of the patient. It has been found that about 4 million people in the UK have diabetes among which many individuals are not aware of the condition. Diabetes is that condition when the amount of glucose that is present in the blood is not properly used by the body and it becomes too high.

Reasons Why Body Cannot Use Glucose Properly

When we eat, the body turns food into glucose or sugars and that point the pancreas are supposed to release insulin. If this insulin is not produced in adequate amount or the cells of the body do not respond to insulin properly, glucose level becomes very high and you become a patient of diabetes.  Today diabetes has become so common that it seems like an epidemic that is taking lives of many too. The key factor that causes diabetes is lack of insulin that is naturally produced by the pancreas. Insulin opens the cells of the body and allows the glucose to enter that is used for energy.

Types Of Diabetes

Diabetes is of three types namely:

  1. Type 1 Diabetes:

    In this type of diabetes, the body does not produce insulin. This type 1 diabetes develops around 40 years of age and sometimes in teenage or early adulthood period also. Type 1 diabetes is not very common and is also referred to as insulin-dependent diabetes, juvenile diabetes or early-onset of diabetes.

  2. Type 2 Diabetes:

    In this case, the body does not produce enough insulin for proper functioning or it may happen that the cells do not react to insulin properly or they are insulin resistant. Approximately 90% people around the world suffer from Type 2 diabetes.

  3. Gestational Diabetes:

    This type of diabetes affects women during pregnancy. Some females experience an increase in blood-sugar levels during pregnancy and then their bodies are unable to produce sufficient amount of insulin to transport all the glucose into the cells. This results in progressive rise in the levels of glucose.

It is therefore important to take care of the proper working of the pancreas that produces insulin to maintain balance of sugar levels in the body. Glucose is obtained when carbohydrate is digested and it also comes from the liver. But if there is insufficient or no insulin at all, the body cannot properly use the glucose as fuel for energy that is required for work, play and live an active life.

Symptoms Of Diabetes

When there is not enough of insulin in the body, or the body cannot use the insulin available, it cannot convert glucose or sugar into energy. As soon as you feel lethargic and lack energy to do your regular activities you can understand that something is not right with your health. It may be weakness though due to overwork, exhaustion or otherwise, yet it is important to see the doctor at once. Other symptoms that are associated with diabetes mellitus are:

  • Feeling of excess hunger and thirst
  • Frequent urination
  • Blurry vision
  • Feeling of tiredness and weakness.

Visit your physician before these symptoms become too severe and treatment becomes difficult. It has been found that insulin therapy is often an important method of treating diabetes. If you know the part played by insulin in your body you can prevent complications arising out of diabetes. There are specific roles of insulin in the body which are:

  • Regulate sugar or glucose level in bloodstream.
  • Storage of excess sugar for energy.

How Is Diabetes Treated?

On examination of the blood sugar level of an individual when it is found that it is higher than what is considered as normal, doctors take steps to reduce the level of glucose at the initial stages by medications. Those who are diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes need to take insulin injections almost for their entire life. They must also follow a restricted diet and carry out regular tests to monitor blood glucose levels.

Different types of insulin meet different needs. When you are diagnosed with high blood sugar and diabetes, the first protection that the doctor prescribes for you is the man-made insulin. It helps to control the sugar level during the times of the day when you need it the most. Each type of insulin takes care to control diabetes but it must be remembered that no one type of insulin is good for everyone. Every individual has specific insulin requirement and so it is wise not to try out any one’s medicine without consulting your own physician.

It has been found that excess stress or mental tension, grief or loneliness stops the production of insulin and leads to diabetes. Another reason when you need less of insulin is when you maintain a proper diet and healthy lifestyle. Hence only your diabetic advisor can tell you exactly how much to take.

Gestational Diabetes is harmful if not treated early. Such patients are not given medicines when treatment starts. She is advised to maintain a well balanced diet, exercises and control certain bad habits like smoking and drinking.

How Insulin Is Administered In Cases Of Diabetes

Since diabetes varies from person to person the administration of insulin also differs according to the patient. In case of severe diabetes, insulin injections are given at specific intervals. Monitoring the changes in sugar levels is also very important. Hence doctors prescribe according to the body’s needs. Insulin varies in how fast they can control the blood sugar level and for how long that level is maintained. Insulin is injected underneath the skin. Those who require more doses take these injections several times a day mostly before meals. There are different ways to take the injection like syringes where you need to use a new needle for the every dose. Injection pens or an insulin pump that provides a continuous infusion of insulin through a catheter underneath the skin is also used. Tablets are also available.

Harmful Effects Of Diabetes

The spread of diabetes has created a kind of threat to mankind as there are increasing cases of diabetes these days and the problems related to it are also quite severe. Some of the most dreadful effects of diabetes are:

  1. Blindness
  2. Kidney failure
  3. Heart failure and stroke
  4. Damages the nerves

To be safe and healthy it is advisable to consult a doctor as soon as symptoms appear. Other ways to keep diabetes at bay are to maintain a healthy lifestyle, reduce weight for often obesity has been the cause of diabetes, avoid being lazy, look after what you eat, do not overeat and specially during gestation checking sugar levels is extremely important as unidentified diabetic problems can raise the risk of complications during childbirth and can even pass on to the newborn baby.

Diabetes Knowledge – Type 2 Diabetes facts

Know the facts about diabetes

Why Diabetes Knowledge  is Important If You Are Diabetic?

Many of you may remember the tv show “Dragnet”, made in the mid 1960’s.  The catchphrase in this series was “Just the facts, ma’am.  Just the facts”.  It is important to know the facts.  Knowledge about our Type 2 Diabetes will help us live a longer and healthier life.  It is up to us to learn as much as we can about Diabetes so we can use it and improve our lives.

Diabetes is just not going to go away.  We are not going to wake up, one morning, and be cured.  That only happens in the movies.  The truth is, we are going to have to work for our own cure.

Take It Serious:

Most people don’t feel that Diabetes is a serious illness.  Really??  FYI, Diabetes causes more death per year than Aids and Breast cancer combined.   Two out of three people with Diabetes die of stroke or heart disease.

Risks Associated With Diabetes Type 2:

There are many risk factors for developing Type 2 Diabetes.  Being overweight is certainly one of those risks but most diabetics are normal weight of slightly overweight.  Type 2 diabetes is caused by genetics and lifestyle.  Not much, we can do about Genetics, but we have a say so about our lifestyle.  The foods, we eat and drink.

If we continue to eat and drink sugar-laden foods, we are heading for disaster.  In the film “Fed Up’, it says that by 2050, 1/3 of the American population, will be diabetic.  Diabetes in children has soared to great heights.  Now is the time, to take action.

Most diabetics take their meds and generally eat whatever they want.  If their glucose level spikes, they may increase their insulin.  It is the attitude, that I will do what is just necessary to maintain my illness.  What they are thinking is that, I will eat the fats and sugars and make it up with insulin.  Sounds like a good idea, till the insulin stops working.  Don’t wait for that to happen.

What Should Be The Plan To Fight Diabetes:

Your plan should be to get off as much medication as you can.  First and foremost, consult with your doctor and with his help and direction, you can learn to eat the right foods.  If you are able, get a certified dietician to plan you meals for 30 days.  Learn what you should eat, to be healthy.  You have the power to slow down and even stop the progression of your diabetes.  Slow or stop the progression before some pretty terrible things happen to your body.

Start today.  Here are some thing to get started.

1.  See you doctor and explain, that you want to go pro-active about your diabetes.  You want to slow down or stop it’s progression.

2.  Get help on proper eating for a diabetic.

3.  Go to the American Diabetes Association web site and learn everything you can.

Good luck and God bless.

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Elmo’s Health tips for the week: Tip 8 Update 01/13/2015


In his video, Elmo asked that you change one thing each week.  And Elmo thinks, that just maybe, those changes will turn into good habits.  Elmo said to me, maybe these changes will help all boys and girls and even maybe their moms and dads.  “Hey all you boys and girls and moms and dads, please try to make these positive changes”.  They will make you feel all better.  Talk to you soon, and remember, Elmo loves you.  xoxoxoxxo


Health Tip 1. Stay hydrated.  Drink lots of water.  Eight to ten 12oz. glasses for adults and eight to ten 10 oz glasses for children.  Remember sodas and coffee don’t count, just plain water.  Try drinking a glass of water before and during dinner.  If plain water gets a bit boring, try adding a slice of fruit for taste.  Lemon, orange, strawberry, cucumber or even a slice of peach will liven up the taste.

Tip 2.  Halloween is over and you have probably finished eating all the bounty, you collected from your neighbors.  If there is some candy left, toss it in the garbage.  Elmo says tip 2 is no candy for 1 whole week.  That’s right, that is our goal for this week.  Moms and dads, that includes you too.  You have to show your kids, by good example.  So, the whole family can work together, and look at all the money you will save.  So, make Elmo proud and remember, Elmo loves you.  xoxoxoxo

Tip 3.  The most popular drinks in the world are sodas.  Unfortunately, sodas, either with sugar or sugar substitutes are the worst things to drinks.  They contain numerous chemicals, that are not good for the human body.  Become a label reader.  So, for one week, no sodas.  If you can do it for a week, do it for another week and then another.  Hopefully, you will never drink sodas again. Please read an article on this site called “Sugar is not our friend”.  And watch the short video at the end of the article.

Good day everyone, I hope these Health tips have helped you.  I hope, they have turned into better eating habits.  That is the purpose of these tips.  Changing bad eating to good eating.  Changes don’t happen overnight, so stay at it.

Tip 4.  For at least one week, instead of your normal breakfast of bacon and eggs etc., replace breakfast with a healthy Smoothie.  Easy and quick to prepare.  There are many Smoothie recipes, so they never get boring.  Elmo recommends this easy recipe.

1 cup of whey protein

1 Protein shake

1 Banana

1 cup of fresh or frozen fruit.  Blueberries, Strawberries, or any fruit you like best.

1 cup of ice

This is a very simple Smoothie and you can change the fruit to suit your taste.

It will give that boost in protein , you need to start your day.  Enjoy and remember, Elmo loves you.  xoxoxox

Tip 5.  Well, tomorrow is the big day.  Thanksgiving.  A day, we all wait for.  Family and friends being together.  The best of foods sitting on a beautifully decorated table.  Oh, the temptations are enormous.  You are going to do fine.  With a little self control, you will enjoy most everything in moderation.  Drink a glass of water before dinner is served.  Portion control is the answer.  Fill one dinner plate with a little of everything and eat slowly.  Give you brain time, to figure out, you are full.  Seconds?  If you must, go for the green.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Tip 6.  Elmo says, this is a good week to give up breads,  All kinds of breads, white, multi-grain, pita, emglish muffins Whole wheat etc.  Eat nothing made of flower.  Gosh, we the people on this planet love bread.  I thought, I could not live without bread, but we can,  All breads go through so much processing and they take out, all the best parts, like the bran.  Bread is useless, except as a filler.  If you are having a sandwich, wrap it in a lettuce leaf.  I enjoy beef on occasion and I like “in and out burger”, animal style.  I get it well done, no sauce, lots of onions and a lettuce leaf wrap.  Really, quite good.  So that is this weeks challenge.  No bread products whatsoever.  Do your best and remember, Elmo loves you.


If you have been following Elmo’s tips, you are on your way to a more healthful living and might be feeling better, than you have in the past.  Hopefully, some of his tips have turned in habits.  Keep up the good work.  If you have fallen off the wagon, get back on.  We all have setbacks.  Don’t quit.

Tip 7.  Do the 10 day sugar challenge.  For the next 10 days, eat nothing with added sugar.  Be a “label reader”.  On the list of ingredients, if it has added sugar, do not eat it.  Learn the other names of sugar on the labels…high fructose corn syrup, maltose, dextrose etc.  The grocery store sells thousands of products and most are processed foods with added sugar of one name or another.  Be aware of all these foods.  The best place to find healthy foods without added sugars is your produce department.  You will never see a label on fruits or vegetables that say added sugars or high fructose corn syrup.  Your produce department is your pharmacy, that supplies you with all the nutrients you will need to heal your body.  Good luck over the next 10 days and hopefully longer.  xoxoxox  from Elmo.

Tip 8.  FYI, Elmo put a few pounds on over the Holidays and so he is embarking on an easy exercise program.  It is a simple one and he hopes that you will join in.  Elmo asks that you start walking everyday.  Start off slowly and try for at least 1/2 mile per day.  It should not take any longer than 15 minutes.  Get that blood circulating through your veins.  If you can, try extending it to 3/4 of a mile.  The goal here is to get moving.  Walking is the easiest exercise and you need no equipment.  Elmo says after a month of walking, you will most likely want to continue and even extend the distance and shorten the time it takes.  Log your distance and times and you will see, how much easier it get after a while.  And remember….Elmo loves you.

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Can I Reverse Diabetes?

Can I reverse diabetes?

You Can Reverse Diabetes

The alarming rise in the number of Diabetics today is of great concern to the medical fraternity. Although medications are being used and insulin injections are common to those with Type II Diabetes, medical researchers have confirmed that a balanced diet and exercises can reverse diabetes. They further affirm that simple lifestyle changes can help you to get off medication and lower risks of other diseases like cardiac arrests and other diabetes related problems.

When a person is diagnosed with diabetes, he/she is given a diet chart which they are supposed to follow rigorously. Many people really do follow the instruction but there is not much effect. Conventional diabetes diets are not as effective as they profess to be, for many of the essential elements are omitted. By adhering to a properly balanced diabetic diet you can easily reduce your sugar levels and reduce the risks of heart attack as well.

Your diet should consist of the following foods:

  • Adequate amount of green vegetables that is full of innumerable nutrients. For example, green leafy vegetables, cruciferous vegetables and others.
  • Beans, lentils and other legumes are full of ideal carbohydrates or good carbs that keep colon cancer infections and diabetes at bay.
  • Non-starchy vegetables like mushroom, pepper, egg plant, onion and garlic have those essential elements that prevent diabetes. These foods do not affect the blood sugar and are rich sources of phytochemical and fiber.
  • Fresh fruits are benevolently enriched with fiber and anti-oxidants. It is believed that three servings of fresh fruits reduce risks of diabetes. Fruits that are less in sugary contents are the best remedy for diabetes.
  • Nuts and seeds are great in reducing weight. Over-weight and diabetes are inter-related and help to reverse Diabetes greatly.

Another very important activity that will help to reverse diabetes and help you to stay better and healthier is exercises. Free-hand exercises, morning walks, jogging, pull-ups and cardio workouts can give you wonderful results.  But always remember that Diabetes is such an annoying disease that if you miss out on your regular diet and exercises, you are sure to find yourself weak and then have to follow an intensely restricted diet and medications that never seem to end. If you take care of your health and maintain a balance in whatever you eat and do, you can effectively reverse diabetes.

Whatever you do, get in touch with the family physician, for your medications and an experienced fitness trainer for your regular exercises.

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