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Low Carb-High Protein Salad

Low Carb-High Protein salad

Anyone up for a delicious Low Carb-High Protein salad for lunch or dinner.  Well, here is one I thought up all by myself.  I think you and your family may like it too.  It is a break from meat and potatoes.  You will get up from the table satisfied and not feel stuffed.  So, here we go.  By the way, this is a recipe for four people and is an especially good salad for diabetics.


4 cups of shredded or chopped lettuce(your choice)

2 large Tomatoes

4 chopped hard boiled eggs

12 ounces of wild caught Salmon (baked or grill) cut into bite size pieces.  No added butter or oil.

1 very large cucumber (diced)

2 stalks of sliced celery

You can substitute your choice of vegetables.  Try to use low sugar vegetables.  Carrots and Beets have high sugar content.

Mustard Vinaigrette ingredients:

1/2 cup of red wine vinegar

4 tbsp. Virgin olive oil

3/4 cup of mustard (Dijon, yellow or spicy brown)

Put all ingredients in serving bowl.

Whisk vinaigrette together and pour over salad and serve cold.

This is the breakdown on a per person serving.


Protein-28 grams

Carbohydrates-12.1 grams

Fat=25.9 grams  Keep in mind, these are mostly good fats.  Most of the fat content is from the olive oil and salmon, which is high in Omega-3 fatty acids.

I hope you enjoy this healthy and nourishing salad.

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