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Kevin Angileri Writes About Superfoods to Combat Cirrhosis of the Liver

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Kevin Angileri Writes About Superfoods to Combat Cirrhosis of the Liver

Cirrhosis refers to the replacement of damaged liver cells by fibrous scar tissue which disrupts the liver’s important functions. Cirrhosis occurs as a result of excessive alcohol intake (most common), common viral hepatitis, obstruction of the bile ducts, and exposure to certain drugs or toxic substances.

Kevin Angileri says People with cirrhosis often experience loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting and weight loss, giving them an emaciated appearance. Diet alone does not contribute to the development of this liver disease. People who are well nourished, for example, but drink large amounts of alcohol, are also susceptible to alcoholic disease.

Kevin Angileri says Adults with cirrhosis require a balanced diet rich in protein to allow the liver cells to regenerate. However, too much protein will result in an increased amount of ammonia in the blood; too little protein can reduce healing of the liver. Doctors must carefully prescribe the correct amount of protein for a person with cirrhosis.


Kevin Angileri says In addition to protein, a balanced diet with adequate calories, fats, and carbohydrates can actually help the damaged liver to regenerate new liver cells. In fact, in some liver diseases, nutrition becomes an essential form of treatment.

Kevin Angileri says Grains and legumes are great protein sources for those who suffer from cirrhosis. Red meat should be avoided since the liver is not working to its optimal capacity and most likely will have trouble processing fats.  Nuts, seeds, and soy products are also good sources of low-fat protein.

Kevin Angileri says Oatmeal, brown rice, whole grain breads and pastas should be part of a healthy balanced diet, as they are all whole grain carbohydrates that provide a steady supply of energy, important for your body’s ability to heal.

Kevin Angileri saysCereals, breads, potatoes and legumes are great sources for the B-complex vitamins, which bolster metabolism, maintain healthy skin and muscle tone, enhance immune and nervous system function, promote cell growth and division — including that of the red blood cells that help prevent anemia.  Together, they also help combat the symptoms and causes of stress, which is important to keep in check when you’re nursing your body back to health.

Citrus fruits, red berries, tomatoes, potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, red and green bell peppers, cabbage, and spinach, are all great sources of vitamin C, which helps promote a healthy immune system.  It’s imperative to stay as healthy as possible during the healing process, so your body can focus on liver repair.


Coupled with plenty of rest and lots of fresh water to help flush the toxins from your system, a well-balanced nutrition plan and a healthy, proactive relationship with your healthcare provider should put you well on the road to recovery.

Kevin Angileri Writes About Superfoods to Combat Cirrhosis of the Liver

Juice VS. Blend by Kevin Angileri

Juice VS. Blend by Kevin Angileri

Juice VS. Blend by Kevin Angileri

We saw an interesting article about starvation in which the comment was made that there are really two types of starvation. One, of course, is caused by too little or no food at all. But there is another type of starvation caused by serious malnutrition, and even though the U.S. is the fattest nation on the planet, our bodies are starved for important nutrients and enzymes. It’s partly why we’re so fat, because we keep eating and eating, but we’re eating highly processed, cooked foods that have the essential components burned out of them. Cooking removes up to 80% of food’s important amino acids, fibers and vitamins.

It’s one reason why switching to a raw foods diet makes such compelling sense. When you start eating raw foods, you’re suddenly getting all the nutrition from food that nature intended you to get. It’s the way our bodies were meant to eat, in balance with the planet.
We suddenly become the vibrant, healthy animals we’re supposed to be.

But we still live in the modern world, with all its pressures and time constraints. It’s one reason why getting your whole foods from juicing is a good idea. You can still get all the fiber you need without taking the time to cut, peel or slice the food. Raw foods do take a little more time to chew and swallow and that’s a good thing. But if you don’t have the time for that, then you should consider using juices for at least a portion of your raw foods intake.

You do need to invest in a good juicer though, and that’s different from a blender. A blender can’t process the fruit peels that contain most a fruit or vegetables vitamins and enzymes. A juicer is a more high-powered appliance that will process everything – seeds and stems, peels and pulp. It’s designed to do it quickly and efficiently. They can be expensive, but there are many more options today than there used to be as this concept has gained in popularity.

Juice VS. Blend by Kevin Angileri



Why The Raw Food Diet by Kevin Angileri


Why The Raw Food Diet

Because cooking takes so many nutrients and vitamins OUT of food, you automatically start feeding your body what it needs when you stop cooking food and start eating uncooked, nutrient-rich foods. A raw carrot has exponentially more nutrition than a cooked carrot.


Cooking also alters the chemistry of foods, often making them harder to digest. Why do we have so many digestive problems in this country? Because we’re putting foods into our bodies in a form that we weren’t designed to absorb. High fiber, high water content fresh produce abolishes constipation of the bowels, cells and circulatory system. Obstructions are cleared and blood flow increases to each and every cell in the body. Enhanced blood flow is significant for two reasons: as mentioned above, blood delivers nutrients and oxygen to living cells, and carries away their toxic metabolites.


Obesity is endemic in this country. The diet industry is more profitable than the oil companies. Why? Because the way we eat and prepare our food practically guarantees that we’ll overeat. Psychologists tell us that we overeat because our souls are hungry. But in reality, our bodies are hungry, even though we may feel full. When you start giving your body the nutrients it craves, overeating will cease.


Eating raw foods is a boost to your metabolism as well. It takes a little more energy to digest raw foods, but it’s a healthy process. Rather than spending energy to rid itself of toxins produced by cooking food, the body uses its energy to feed every cell, sending vitamins, fluids, enzymes and oxygen to make your body the efficient machine it was intended to be.


You’ll naturally stop overeating, because your body and brain will no longer be starving for the nutrients they need. A starving brain will trigger the thoughts that make you overeat. The brain and the rest of your body don’t need quantity; they need quality.

by Kevin Angileri

Why Start Your Day with a Protein Shake by Kevin Angileri


Why Start Your Day with a Protein Shake

The perfect way for you to start your day is always to eat a high protein breakfast. This is one of Kevin Angileri favorite things to do here. So after your long night’s rest, eating food with high protein will fuel you up for the day ahead. One way you can have the needed protein of your body is through protein shakes first thing in the morning.

What Are Protein Shakes and Protein Powders?

Protein shakes and protein powders are supplements to your diet. They are usually used by athletes but they are also helpful for you who have a busy day ahead. They are a great way to keep you energized and alert during the day so you can keep doing what you need to do.

In order to take advantage of the benefits that protein shakes can offer you, when is the right time to take them? The best would be to take them in the morning during breakfast so it can have a huge impact in your day ahead and here is why.

Protein Shakes Gives You Energy and Keeps You Full

Like the always say, breakfast is the most important meal. With a busy day ahead, you need to have a day’s full of energy and that’s where protein shakes can help you. Instead of consuming cereals and donuts and bagels that causes your blood sugar to ruse and then crashing within just a few hours, a protein shake is way better.

These sugary foods can cause your energy level to plunge suddenly. At the same time, the hunger and the cravings you feel becomes stronger. However, if you start your day with a protein shake which is full of protein (of course!) and fiber as well, you can have consistent energy for the whole day. This is because you have avoided the blood sugar crash caused by eating sugary foods.

Moreover, protein shakes boost your metabolism so that you lose weight but feeling full until lunchtime. Protein shakes are also light so you don’t feel sluggish to being too full. That way, you can really go about your business for the first half of the day without energy crash at least until the next meal of the day.

Protein Shakes Are Real Healthy and Quick to Make

What’s great about protein shakes? Well duh, they are healthy which is why it is great for you to start your day with it. You can be sure that it is healthy since you know your ingredients and you just toss them all in the blender. Within a few minutes, you now have a delicious and healthy drink. It is so easy and real quick to make that if you are running late, you can still have it on the go.

If you are really, really pressed for time, you can always use a shaker bottle which allows you to mix your protein shake as you go. It is this advantage that’s why a lot of people are inclined to take protein shake what with being real busy first thing in the morning. With this, they can still live a healthy life even without needing to prepare in long hours for a decent meal.

An Easy Way to Get Greens and Nutritious Food

As mentioned before, a lot of people today are leading hectic lives. Between work and home, they have just enough time to sort just a few things but not to prepare a decent meal. With that, they are highly at risk for being unhealthy because their bodies are not getting enough nutrition. They just don’t have time to cook right.

Well that is why protein shakes or smoothie is the right way for them to go. With a protein shake, they can add extra servings of the greens and super foods that the body needs so it can stay healthy, strong and with high immunity. In your protein shake, you can add greens like kale or spinach or fruits like dark berries for antioxidants, flax seed for fiber and more to pack nutrients in your shake.

If you are worried that you are not getting enough nutrients and yet you cannot eat all the foods you need to get them, regular drinking of protein shake or smoothie is just what you need. You can have it jam packed with all the nutrients from vitamins to minerals to keep yourself healthy and energized. Staying healthy is not as complicated and hard as it is before what with protein shakes that you can prepare in only a few minutes.

When to Drink Your Protein Shake

If you are working out, drinking your protein shake could partially depend on it. But the most effective time to consume it is still first thing in the morning right after you wake up. Then once you are done with your workout, it is ideal to consume protein shake immediately after.

Drinking your protein shake right after waking up in the morning is ideal because the body has been inactive for about 6 to 8 hours. That means that during those times, your body has not had any intake of nourishment especially protein. If your body hasn’t had protein, your muscles will then start to break down so as to compensate and create energy for your body.

But if you take a high protein breakfast it will help build muscle and offer energy to your body. This way, you can prevent the breakdown of your muscles right before it starts. Later on, the protein helps your body as well for your workout. After which, you need to consume another protein shake though to replace the lost nutrients and protein.

If you don’t drink protein shakes it is high time that you start. Most of the time, protein shakes are only used for convenience but it has great benefits as a whole food sources or as addition to your usual diet. Protein is needed not only for building and repairing of muscles but in general growth as well. As such, don’t write off protein shakes as just for convenient and start drinking yours now every day.


Kevin Angileri

Insulin For Type 2 Diabetes Treatment by Kevin Angileri


Insulin is a hormone that is produced by the pancreas and is meant to use or store glucose from the blood.  When you have type 2 diabetes, your body produces insulin, however, your cells do not respond well to it.  That is known as insulin resistance.  This is why insulin can be injected into your fatty tissue to give your body the right amount of the hormone to take energy from the sugars you eat.  Approx.35% of people, who are diabetic, are not aware and have never been diagnosed.  Type 2 Diabetes rarely has symptoms.  That is one of the great dangers

Insulin For Type 2 Diabetes is not the only approach to control this disease. When you have type 2 diabetes, you have more options than type 1 diabetics.  Diet and exercise are common ways of controlling diabetes.  Diabetes pills and inhaled insulin are also options, and can be combined with insulin shots for an effective therapy..

Insulin therapy can be used temporarily.  Some conditions that might require temporary insulin usage for type 2 diabetics are pregnancy, surgery, broken bones and cancer.  If you’re struggling with your weight, insulin therapy can be used temporarily.  After you reach a healthy weight again, with your doctor’s permission, you may stop using insulin.

Types Of Therapeutic Insulin

The types of therapeutic insulin vary based on how fast they reach the bloodstream, when their effectiveness peaks, and how long they stay in your system. There are 5 types:

Rapid-acting insulin: works in 15 minutes, peaks in an hour, is effective for 2-4 hours
Regular or short-acting insulin: works in 30 minutes, peaks in 2-3 hours, is effective for 3-6 hours
Intermediate-acting insulin: works in 2-4 hours, peaks 4-12 hours, is effective for 12-18 hours
Long-acting insulin: works in several hours and is evenly effective for 24 hours
Inhaled insulin:works in 12-15 minutes, peaks in 30 minutes, leaves body in 180 minutes. This must be used in combination with a long-lasting insulin injection.