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Write For Us

Write For Carbaholics Anonymous

Carbaholics Anonymous is currently accepting “Guest Posts” for the Diabetes & Obesity blog http://carbaholicsanonymous.com

If you have great writing skills and have knowledge about Obesity & Diabetes, We will gladly accept you as our “Guest Blogger”

If interested, Following are the conditions which you will need to follow:

1. Your Article/Articles must be original content as it will be checked for plagiarism.

2. Articles must contains atleast 500 words

4. Affiliate links in your content will not be accepted

5. Since we are not paying for the content, we do accept your website link in the author’s bio area.

6. Once your article is posted on our website, it must not be shared/resubmitted at any other blog as it causes duplicate issues.

7. You article should be in good English and grammatically correct.

8. You should submit your article in Microsoft Word format.

9. The article should contain atleast 1 image.

Please send your guest article to nangileri[at]gmail.com

Because we are getting many requests for guest blogging, as a result we may not be able to respond you with in 24 hours. But it doesn’t mean your request is not approved. We will respond to all queries and will try our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

Kevin Angileri

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