Can Diabetics Eat Ice Cream? Yes OR No!

Ice creams for diabetic

Can Diabetics Eat Ice Cream?

Do you love ice creams and cannot resist rushing to the parlors at least once a week? Then you must maintain a good diet chart if you want to stay slim and fit. But what will happen if you are diagnosed with diabetes? Will you have to stop even looking at ice creams? Well, the answer is NO, but there are certain restrictions.

Actually a vanilla ice cream or a cone once a while is not the cause of diabetes. It is caused due to various other reasons and it is for you to find out which foods and what situations increase your sugar levels and then keep check on them. Previously ice creams contained a lot of fats and were made from full cream and sugar and other flavors. But now, since everybody has become health conscious and are eager to stay slim and strong, the different brands are offering delicious ice creams that are low in calories and also use sugar substitutes in place of sugar thus making the dessert diabetes friendly as well as heart healthy.

How can you enjoy ice cream sometimes while keeping the blood sugar level unaffected? 

Diabetics always need to be a bit alert about whatever food they take and the time is also of vital importance. So what you should do is:

  • Read the labels of the ice cream tubs or cups.
  • Know the ingredients that have been used in the dessert.
  • Which type of sugar has been added is of utmost importance.
  • If it contains cellulose fibers or carrageen which slows down the absorption rate.
  • Know your capacity to digest the fat.
  • The type of sweetener other than sugar that is used in the ice cream matters a lot.

So being a diabetic you have to set your own plans if you cannot stay away from ice creams. Follow the given rules to stay healthy and fit while enjoying your ice creams.

First, go for a blood test and ascertain your blood glucose level.

Second, the day you wish to have ice cream, reduce the intake of other carbohydrates in your meal and see the effects after 6 hours. This will enable you to decide what amount and which brand of ice cream is safe for you. Once you know how to make ice cream a part of your meal plan, you can enjoy it freely.

Nutritional Guidelines per 1/2 cup of ice cream:

– 150 calories or less

– 5 gms total fat or less

– 3 gms saturated fat or less

– 0 trans fat

– 20 grams of carbs or (1 carb choice)

– 100 mg of sodium or less

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