Baby Boomer Health Issues

Baby boomer health issues

Wikipedia defines Baby Boomers as those people born between 1946 and 1964.  Seventy-six million American children were born between 1945 and 1964, representing a generation that is significant on account of its size alone.The remaining portion of these 76,000,000 have or will be reaching retirement age.  According to the Press:  70 is the new 65.

So many of these Baby Boomers are now concerned about the economy, cost of health care and their personal health and well-being.  These are all important concerns .  Here at CarbaholicsAnonymous, our focus is on personal health and well-being. Through this article, baby boomer health issues are the main concern for us to discuss.

We grew up in the times of TV, drive-in restaurants, and fast foods.  We felt immortal.  We smoked.  We drank alcohol(sometimes to excess).  We did whatever we wanted with no binds on us.  Now, 50 or 60 years later, we come to the realization, it is time to make some big changes in our daily life.  The good news is that it is not too late to make those big changes.

I was born in 1941, so I am a pre-baby boomer.  2012 was a tough year for me, health wise.  Prostate and Bladder surgery, COPD and a mild heart attack.  I am doing great and thankful for all my blessings.  I had smoked for 57 years, which has been the cause of most of my health issues.  So, I have some practical knowledge of these health problems.

First and foremost.  If you smoke, do whatever is necessary to quit smoking.  It should be your most important priority.  This one step will add years to your life.  And that’s what Carbaholics Anonymous is all about, adding years of good health to your life.  One good way is to contact the nearest “Smokeline”.  They will send you smoke cessation aids.

Next, but just as important as quitting smoking, is a healthy diet.  Check through this site and see plenty of information about nutrition and diet planning.  I recommend an app you can download to your computer that will be a tremendous help in diet planning.  It is the “Bing health and Fitness” application and “Healthvault”.  They are both free.  They are amazing tools to assist in weight-loss programs.

Again Carbaholics Anonymous wants to thank everyone for writing in and requesting us to write about certain topics.  As you all know we are all Carbaholics, and we are trying to win the fight against obesity, and diabetes.  Please help Carbaholics Anonymous become the best free informative website out there.  God bless.. –

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