Best & Worst Food For Diabetes Patients

Best foods and worst foods for diabetics

Food Habits of a Diabetic

Diabetes is one of the most common diseases of today. Irrespective of age, this problem has increased in large numbers. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, making the right food choices is of great importance in order to stay healthy and to avoid diabetes related other problems like heart disease.

Selecting The Right Foods

The rule of thumb for a diabetic is to maintain a healthy and nutritious diet plan to avoid blood sugar spikes. Anything that increases sugar levels of the blood has to be left out from the diet chart. And for this you need to know something more about the foods that you should have and the ones you must avoid even if you are very fond of them. Here is a list of foods that will keep your sugar levels under control and keep you fit.

Best Food for Diabetes

1. Whole-grain flours like wheat flour
2. Whole grains like brown rice
3. Fresh vegetables like greens, spinach, kale, lettuce and those that are rich in fibers
4. Fresh fruits, sugar-free jams
5. Baked or grilled low-fat meats, skinless chicken, baked or grilled fish, eggs, nuts, beans, tofu
6. Skimmed milk, low-fat yoghurt, non-fat sour cream, low-fat cottage cheese
7. Olive oils are the best, margarine, vegetable oils.
8. Low-fat sugar-free ice cream.

Foods Diabetics Should Avoid

1. White rice
2. Fried meats, fried fish, Pork, regular cheese
3. Blended coffee laced with syrup, sugar or whipped cream.
4. Bananas, peaches, melons and nectarines.
5. Doughnuts, pastries, bakery sweets
6. Fruit smoothies and regular ice creams
7. Fried foods and snacks like potato chips
8. Regular sodas, regular beer, fruity mixed drinks, dessert wines, energy drinks.

These are some of the different foods that you need to choose from if you are suffering from diabetes. Actually everything depends on your attitude and outlook. If you think that by refraining from those foods that are high in calories and sugar contents you are feeling healthy and fine, you will naturally stay fit and enjoy life. But on the contrary if you brood over your food feeling depressed that you need to give up on your favorite foods, then even if you maintain the prescribed diet you will not stay well.

The fact of maintaining a healthy diet regime is to love what you eat and maintain it willingly. Then even if you have a sugar-loaded pastry on your birthday, your sugar level will not rise.

Why Is Exercise Important For Type 2 Diabetes?

Why Is Exercise Important For Type 2 Diabetes

Why Is Exercise Important For Type 2 Diabetes

Exercises have been considered to be one of the most important ways of maintaining good health from the ages. Hence it is no doubt that exercises will help to control and reduce diabetes considerably including Type 2 Diabetes. How physical activities help to lower blood glucose level can be best understood if we know the causes of diabetes.

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a problem that is tormenting individuals of all age groups around the world. It can happen to anyone at any time. So if you can understand the problems that are related to diabetes you can easily understand why doctors recommend exercises at the very start to control your blood sugar level. But what is diabetes? It is a condition when there is enough glucose in your blood but it is not utilized by the body properly and so the level of glucose rises up making you a diabetes patient.

Insulin production

You must be thinking why does not the body use the glucose when it is available? This is because the insulin, a hormone produced by the pancreas is either not enough to open the cells of the body to allow glucose to enter which is used as energy resources or your body may not be reacting to the insulin produced by your pancreas in which case also, the blood glucose remains in the blood itself and gradually rises high for it remains unused by the body. It is for these two reasons that you suffer from diabetes.
There are mainly two types of diabetes namely Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes which is the most common type and is somewhat a chronic problem that lingers for life. Hence it is very important to treat Diabetes in the best possible ways to stay healthy and enjoy life like all others. In Type 2 Diabetes, the body fails to produce sufficient insulin and it may also happen that the cells are insulin resistant.

Visiting the doctor

When you visit a doctor complaining about your problems of weakness, frequent urination, dizzy feeling etc the first thing that he advices you is to go for a blood test to ascertain the blood sugar level, whether it is too high or within the normal range or it is on the rise. Accordingly he prescribes certain medicines and he emphasizes on physical exercises the most along with diet control and certain lifestyle changes.

Exercises to Check Diabetes

It has been proved that exercises make it easier to keep a check on diabetes. So anybody who is suffering from diabetes, do not sit back in dismay, rather get up and visit your nearest gym and talk to the professional instructor who can design your exercise routine according to your requirements and what suits you the best. Physical activity is one of the most important components of Type 2 Diabetes treatment plan.

How Does Exercise Affect Blood Sugar?

1. During exercise, the body requires extra energy and that is supplied by blood sugar or glucose. Even when you do something quickly, the muscles and liver release glucose for fuel. The maximum amount of glucose is used when you do moderate exercise for a long period of time like hiking. Your blood sugar level goes down through these movements. Thus it has been proved that physical activities especially exercise help to reduce diabetes problems.
2. During your workouts the muscles can use the glucose present in the body without insulin. It does not matter whether you are insulin resistant or you do not have enough insulin. When you exercise, the muscles get the glucose they need automatically thereby reducing the blood sugar level. It has been found that if you are insulin resistant, exercise makes your insulin more effective because the insulin resistance goes down and the cells can use the glucose more effectively.
3. Exercises can also help people with Type 2 Diabetes avoid and reduce long-term problems. Most diabetics have blocked arteries that lead to cardiac arrest. Exercise reduces chances of heart attacks by keeping the heart healthy and strong by lowering glucose level.
4. There are other reasons of diabetes namely tension, stress, overwork and lack of rest and peace of mind. Exercise has an amazing effect not only on the body but also the mind. You will often hear people speaking about feeling rejuvenated and fresh after doing their workouts. This also helps to combat diabetes.
5. Exercises help to reduce weight too since overweight individuals are often diabetics. So by losing weight through workouts, you can control diabetes also.

Importance of professional help

When your doctor advice you follow a fitness routine, he also tells you that you should do those exercises which are perfect for you. But how will you know which exercises are best for you? It is the professional health instructor who will design your exercises in the correct way so that your aim of reducing blood sugar level is successful.
All kinds of exercises are not fit for a person with diabetes especially if the sugar level is quite high. In such cases, the doctor and the experienced instructor sit together and decide on the moves that will benefit the patient greatly.

What kinds of Exercises are recommended?

There are three main kinds of exercise namely strength training, flexibility work and aerobics. All the three kinds of exercises are organized in a balanced way by your personal instructor to achieve the most.

Aerobic Exercises: It is best to start with aerobic exercises because they are light and the basics of exercise that you can do on your own. These exercises include walking, running or jogging and sports like tennis, swimming, basket ball and biking. Any of these exercises must be done regularly for at least 30 minutes. If you cannot do it at a stretch, break it into 10 minutes each but try to complete the total 30 minutes. It may be difficult at first, but with practice you can easily achieve that for you have to reduce your glucose level.

Strength Training: When you become used to aerobic exercises and do not feel much strain, you will be started on strength training. This training builds up lean and efficient muscles for which you need a lot of energy that is supplied by the glucose in your blood and thus reduces sugar level. So the more you use glucose, the better it is for your diabetes control. Pull-ups and push-ups are often recommended by trainers. Lifting weights for 20 to minutes twice or maximum thrice a week is enough to get full benefits of strength training for diabetes control.

Flexibility Training: Of the various types of exercises stretching is one of the most important flexibility exercises that allows one to ascertain how well the joints and muscles can work and also ascertain their strength levels. By doing the various stretches, you again consume a lot of energy that is derived from the glucose in your blood and reduces the level of sugar which is the main aim of exercise in Type 2 Diabetes.

The final word about exercises to help reduce Type 2 Diabetes is that you must do your workouts willingly and enjoy every movement. Motivate yourself and stick to your plan to enjoy amazing results of exercises in reducing Type 2 Diabetes.

Written by Kevin Angileri

Good Carbs & Bad Carbs Fruits

Bad carbs and good carbs fruits

Aren’t Fruits Full Of Carbs – Advice For Diabetic Patients:-

We are often told that fresh fruits are extremely good for health. But what about the sugar contents in the fruits? Aren’t fruits full of carbs? But do you know that there are two types of carbs– the good carbs and the bad carbs? Well, it is what makes the difference. If you have fruits that are enriched with good carbohydrates then they will not harm you in any way. Your blood sugar or obesity problems will not be affected at all. Rather you will be able to handle them easily.

Fruits enriched with good carbs and other nutrients:

  • Apples and pears are low in sugar and contain a sufficient amount of fiber and so satisfy your sweet tooth you can go for these fruits without disturbing your pancreas.
  • Although grapefruit is a citrus fruit unlike other fruits of the same group are not high in sugar and can be taken in salads paired with avocado slices but without sprinkling sugar on top.
  • Apricots and peaches too are a smart way to get vitamin C and fiber in a tasty way. They have the same nutritional elements like apples and pears.
  • Figs are low in sugar and store a lot of fiber. Do not miss them during the season.
  • Strawberries, Cranberries, Raspberries and Grapes are some of the best fruits that have low in sugar and supply sufficient quantity of good carbs to the body for energy and metabolism as well. You will often see jams and diabetic sugar-free desserts prepared with these fruits for the natural sugar in them are just right enough to offer you a tasty treat.

 There are certain fruits which are high in sugar and other essential nutrients. A normal individual especially children can have them profusely, but if you are a diabetic or an obese patient or trying to stay low on carbs avoid the following fruits.

Fruits to avoid – Bad Carbs:

Watermelons are really a tempting fruit. But they are very high in sugar and carbohydrate contents. So avoid it.

  1. Mangoes and Papayas are those fruits that attract everyone. But they are full of sugar and carbs that cannot be digested easily. So it is better to avoid them.
  2.  Pineapples are good sources of enzymes that treat joint pains and inflammation. But the high sugar content in them is harmful for many.

Nature is full of all the necessary nutrients that we require to stay healthy. It is our task to pick out the ones that are best for us.

Benefits of Balanced Diet And Exercise by Eric Elegado

Balance diet and exercise

Effects of Balanced Diet And Exercise On The Body

Do you have an important occasion close at hand and want to look your best? Well then you have to work very hard first to get into an attractive shape and at the same time stay healthy and look fresh and glowing. For that the two important measures that you need to adhere are namely

Appropriate Diet
Adequate Exercises

We all know that exercises are equally beneficial for a fit and healthy life as a balanced diet. But if you think you need some instant effects of diet and energy on your total body as well as looks, then you have to cut out on many things especially if you are too healthy or in other words overweight.

How to Get Instant Results

Firstly, control your diet to the maximum and maintain a fat-free and fiber-rich diet that will not allow any fats to accumulate in your body that mostly tend to gather round the belly. Have a lot of fruits that have low sugar contents and more of vitamin C, calcium and phosphorus and green vegetables that will supply all the required nutrients like proteins, vitamins and minerals along with fiber to maintain health.

Secondly, start your intensive workouts with about 45minutes of running. It helps to burn fats more than any other natural exercises and it is extremely convenient too. Running in the open air in nature increases your energy levels, boosts metabolism and at the same time kills the stubborn fats.

If you work in a firm where you need to sit all day long at your desk, then you must positively start your day with these running or jogging exercises. These natural ways to stay fit are so effective that your body starts responding the moment you start changing your lifestyles for the best.

Thirdly, if you think you can manage to hit the gyms, find out the gym that is nearest to your home so that you do not have to travel far to do your exercises for it is often observed that if you need to drive to your fitness clubs you have the tendency to miss your daily routine especially if you are overworked or extremely tired. However, if you are determined to get a strong and fit body that will turn the heads of many, then get in touch with an experienced physical instructor. He/she can design the perfect workout routines that will give instant results.

At the gym you can take the advice of dieticians also for they can guide you properly to get exactly what you want. But always remember dieting alone does not give instant results. On the other hand, do intensive exercises and adhere to a strict diet plan to achieve the most.

However if you feel weak or any other uneasiness while doing the exercises or eating lesser than usual to reach your target, it is best to consult a doctor for these are symptoms of weakness and the amount of exercises that you are doing may not be right for you. So be calculative and check your weights and blood pressure levels frequently when you plan to see instant effect ts of diet and exercises.

According to experts, although sometimes you may need to change your looks and reduce your weight etc for special occasions and events, it is best to enjoy results that stay forever. Seeing the effects of the good habits of exercises and controlled diet as a gradual process is far better than becoming lean and the so-called 0-figure or carving the six packs to woo your woman within a fortnight. Experience shows that such rapid changes are forced changes and may be harmful for your health. For the best and permanent effects of diet-control and workouts, follow the gradual process as slow and steady improvements in your health and looks are those that stay for many years and if you can maintain the same balanced lifestyle you can enjoy a happy life till the end.

Some of the instant effects of exercises pointed out by doctors and researchers are:

Exercises like running, swimming and other cardio workouts improves your breathing system and that lowers the heart rate and blood pressure as well. This is perhaps the biggest benefits of exercises and one who is constant in his/her routine, feels the difference quite fast
Fitness regime offers instant changes in your body and you lose weight instantly and the actual effects that you derive from doing your regular exercises are enjoyed in the long run.

Exercise is the best way to improve moods as the secretion of endorphins during physical activity works instantly to reduce stress and tiredness.

Exercise acts in the same way as your diet. It plays its part immediately on blood sugar level and controls fluctuation in blood pressure also.

Most people go to gyms and follow a fitness regime to reduce fat and get the required weight and body shape. Physical activities when performed with enthusiasm and zeal have instant effects and you burn more calories than expected.

Men who wish to stay fit and show off their huge strong muscles and six packs, benefit a lot from regular intense training under the guidance of trainers. The effects are visible within a week especially when the workouts are intended for some event or competition.

Those who suffer from sleeplessness or insomnia, benefit from exercises. Exercises make you tired and exhausted and that promotes better sleep.

The opinions of specialists and experienced doctors and fitness experts about diet control and its effects on health either instantly or in the long are the following:

  • The habit of over-eating or simply eating because you have nothing g to do is the worst of habits that you can have. So controlling the intake of food reduces the risks of heart diseases and obesity, diabetes and also cancer. A well-balanced diet works instantly to reduce weight in the proper way while taking care of your health.
  • A nutritious diet is conducive to both physical and mental well-being. If you look good, you naturally feel satisfied and confident and this has a tremendous effect on your work sphere and home front too. A balanced diet supplies all the necessary nutrients that you need to stay healthy and free from diseases and it is in no way a starving system of reducing weight.
  • A well-balanced diet is a great source of energy and it is enjoyed instantly. By omitting sugars, refined carbohydrates and excess fatty foods, you can maintain your blood sugar levels and increase energy to carry out your work efficiently without any stress.
  • Those who maintain a proper diet routine have been found to be more intelligent and have greater concentration and efficiency in all spheres of life. They are never tensed but have a balanced lifestyle. Proper nutrition helps the blood to flow to the brain sufficiently thereby protecting the brain cells and guarding against Alzheimer’s disease.

All those who wish to bring about actual changes in their physical and mental health, should not consider anything else other than maintaining a proper and nutritious diet plan and doing regular exercises. For immediate results, you need to work a bit more than usual, but for long-term benefits a consistent routine is a must.

by Eric Elegado

Good Carbs Vs Bad Carbs

good carbs vs bad carbs

 Thank you for  checking out  Carbaholics Anonymous site again.  Everyone always ask what foods should I eat, and what foods shouldn’t I eat.  Reminds me what my father told me a while back.  He said son “if it tastes good, spit it out”.  Lets be honest, that is true some of the time.  Good carbohydrates taste just as good as the bad ones.  We all have to remember our bodies are machines.  They need the right fuel to perform well.  You are what you eat…. If you put bad food in, you will damage your body, if you put healthy food in, that will help build your body.
First of all, I have never seen a  person get overweight because he ate to many vegetables.  When I make up my plate, I always put more vegetables then anything else.  Lean meats are a good source of protein and low on the carbs too.  We like to eat  fish, which is easy for your body to digest, and it doesn’t give you that bloated feeling.  Every so often you will need to eat a steak or chicken, and try to stay around a 4 to 6 oz portions.  Portion control has always been a issue for me personally, but it is something that we have to do.  Egg are always another good source of protein too. There are times when I will bowl a dozen hard boiled eggs and keep them in the refrigerator, and eat them for snacks.   Fruits are also a good source of natural good carbs vs bad carbs like potato chips, or ice cream.  I also recommend about a fist full of nuts like unsalted Almonds.  lt is another great snack that grows on you.   Healthy oils like olive oil, or coconut oil, and maybe even non-gluten grains too.
Processed Foods:   All Fast Food is in this list.  All Cakes, Donuts, Potato Chips, Pretzels, Ice Cream, Candy Bars
Sugar:  All Soft drinks, Fruit Juices, Store bought Orange Juice,  etc
Diet and Low Fat Products:  Cereals made with corn syrup.  Most Dairy Products fall under this category too.
Artificial Sweeteners: Equal, Aspartame, Cyclamates and Acesulfame Potassium, and Saccharin
Omega 6 fatty acids found in Vegetable Oils:  Canola, Safflower, Corn, Grape seed, Soybean and Sunflower
Gluten Grains:  Wheat, Barley, Rye and yes it includes all breads, and Pastas
Trans Fats:  Hydrogenated or partially Hydrogenated oils
Again Carbaholics Anonymous wants to thank everyone for writting in and requesting us to write about certain topics.  As you all know we are all Carbaholics, and we are trying to win the fight against obesity, and diabetes.  Please help Carbaholics Anonymous become the best free informative website out there.  God bless..